China suspected of major cyber-attack on MoD payroll system

A total of 89 lawsuits against US corporate defendants resulted in a “nuclear verdict” award last year, the largest number of cases research experts Marathon Strategies has identified in a single year since 2009. Nuclear verdicts of at least £7.9m ($10m) reached a 15-year high in 2023, while 27 verdicts were “thermonuclear,” or more than […]

Growing concerns over product liability claims from lithium-ion batteries

There are growing concerns over the increasing risk of product liability claims and litigation arising from lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.  As of the end of March 2024,  it is estimated there are now over 1,000,000 fully electric cars and around 60,000 electric vans on UK roads and a further 645,000 plug-in hybrids. In March 2022, approximately […]