More Specialisms

W Denis provides insurance solutions for an extensive range of specialisms without losing quality of service, due to our brokers’ expertise.

We believe that no two businesses require the same approach or service from us. Whether you are a large multinational corporation, or a small to medium sized business, we will endeavour tirelessly to provide the right solution for your business. 


Asbestos Industry

W Denis provide Asbestos Insurance, General Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurances for asbestos-risk industries.

Specialist asbestos insurance brokers within the company provide risk and insurance solutions to a number of leading companies in the asbestos abatement sector. We have an in-depth knowledge of the specific risk exposures, the health and safety requirements as well as the lengthy nature of the potential trade related asbestos insurance claims.

We have access to an extensive list of specialist insurers who are able to offer cover and we can offer competitive rates. These rates can then be further discounted for companies who are members of either the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) or the Asbestos Control and Abatement Division (ACAD).


Aviation Industry

W Denis provides aviation insurance broking services to private airlines, component manufacturers and ground support companies.

W Denis are trusted aviation insurance brokers to a range of organisations. We offer a fast and efficient service built on traditional values and based on the understanding of our clients’ specific and intricate insurance needs.

Due to the significant values and limits at risk in the aviation industry, the team operates to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity with total client focus. Our team has extensive experience across the whole spectrum of aviation insurance, while our client base represents a diverse and broad cross-section of the aviation industry.

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Charities / Not-For-Profits

The activities undertaken by charities are so diverse that each organisation must have a bespoke insurance programme that is tailored to meet its own individual and specific requirements.

W Denis has a thorough understanding of the third sector which enables our expert brokers to deliver insurance policies with sufficient wording, broad coverage and at a competitive premium price.

Our specialist brokers can provide insurance solutions for all manner of non-profit organisations – from outdoor pursuits to crisis intervention, or bail hostels to information services.


Chemical Industry

Many challenges are faced by companies operating in the chemicals industry. Evolving regulations, a complex legal environment, diverse supply chains, globalisation and tough competition pose continuous problems for risk managers.

W Denis partner with chemical industry risk management experts and specialist underwriters who possess the knowledge, capacity and strong financial security required to survey, assess, design and deliver chemical industry insurance and risk management strategies.

W Denis Group recognises that the concerns of risk managers are no longer restricted to the uncertainty of a major product liability lawsuit, fire or explosion. That is why we offer solutions for the emerging risks associated with intellectual properties and counterfeiting, new environmental responsibilities and product recalls.


Contingency Risk

As the title suggests contingency insurance provides the necessary cover for a future event or circumstance which might possibly happen but cannot be predicted with any certainty.

Our specialist contingency department designs tailor made policies and facilities for our clients utilising Lloyd’s Underwriters as well as the Company Markets. With the department based in London, we are able to procure contingency insurance solutions which may be difficult to procure in local markets or are only available from London on more competitive terms.

With our experience and long-standing relationships with all underwriters, we are able to provide fast, innovative solutions alongside an unrivalled service.


Corporate Transactions Finance Insurance

This service complements the due diligence undertaken by lawyers and accountants. By providing bespoke corporate finance insurance and risk management strategies which can help to remove obstacles, and the chances of an impasse during corporate transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, management buyouts or buy-ins and public offering of securities.

W Denis can provide corporate auditing services and due diligence services as well as Public Offering of Securities Insurance, Warranty & Indemnity Insurance, Litigation Buyout Insurance and Special Situation Insurance.


Education Sector

The education sector requires specialist attention from insurance brokers with an in-depth knowledge of the different exposures and coverage requirements of individual organisations. The legal liability exposure of an adult education college is very different to a school for young children. Identifying these individual exposures, together with the risk management controls in place, is key to a broker’s ability to secure a competitively priced and appropriately worded comprehensive education insurance programme.

W Denis has experience spanning all levels of the education insurance sector and works in partnership with establishments which have an excellent reputation within the sector.


Electronics & Technology Insurance

The constantly evolving world of technological advancement creates new risks. The use of the internet, intellectual properties, nanotechnology and automation are just a few of the considerations for the electronics and technology sector insurance.

The tendency to resort to litigation when something goes wrong is unlikely to diminish and combined with the increasing use of contractual agreements within supply chains relationships, means that a ‘traditional` insurance policy wording cannot be relied upon. All companies in the electronics and technology sector need an insurance broker who understands the risks and can respond by providing a tailored risk and insurance strategy.

Oil refinery

Energy Industry

W Denis is a leading independent (re)insurance broker to the Energy Industry. We provide specialist coverage to a range of companies in the sector, across the down-stream, mid-stream and up-stream segments.

From specialist Engineers involved in offshore exploration and extraction activities, through to multi-billion dollar on shore oil refineries and major distribution pipelines, bulk storage and terminals. W Denis has the experience to advise risk managers in the competitive procurement of comprehensive programme structures. Supported by major (re)insurers in key global markets, as well as specialist niche underwriters.

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Fine Art, Antiques, Jewellery & Specie

W Denis Insurance Brokers Plc can deliver insurance programmes covering fine art, antiques, jewellery and specie for corporate and institutional organisations.

Our unrivalled network of international contacts in the fine art and specie world is complemented by our partner surveyors who, within one visit, can provide a comprehensive survey of high value property and contents, art collections and collectables.

W Denis also provide specialist combined insurance policies which include fine art and specie within a single policy.

food and drink

Food & Drink Manufacturing/Supply sector

Businesses operating in the food and drink sector have specific insurance needs compared with other manufacturing and distribution businesses.

The widespread use of composite panelled buildings in the catering sector resulted in underwriters taking a measured approach to acceptance of risk, particularly those panels made of non-LPCB approved polystyrene in areas where ‘hot cooking` processes are undertaken.  This increased fire risk, coupled with additional concerns for malicious product tamper exposure, has resulted in the emergence of a number of specialist insurers to the food and drink sector with the knowledge and capacity to offer suitably comprehensive coverage at a competitive cost.

We offer a free audit of incumbent insurance wordings, which can identify gaps in cover or onerous conditions, before the design and delivery of an innovative and competitive alternative quotation.


Hospitality & Hotels Sector

There is stiff competition from brokers and insurers serving the hospitality sector, however the level of expertise and cover offered varies dramatically. Those hospitality businesses which choose to purchase their insurance from a specialist broker will be best protected when they come to need their insurance the most; in the event of a claim.

We understand how the hospitality industry is evolving. The sector is key to driving sustainability and advanced food technology, and inevitably many insurance products do not reflect these changes. For example; take the investment in energy efficient kitchen equipment and control systems that many businesses now install for future savings. Does a standard insurance policy indemnify against the ‘additional costs’ of replacing damaged kitchen equipment with a more costly energy efficient replacement? No, usually cover is like for like. However, W Denis offer this ‘betterment` extension as standard.

Specialist brokers at W Denis use their expertise to negotiate and design policy cover that protects all aspects of a business within the sector, offering comfort to owners, employees and consumers.


Marine Industry

W Denis provide the marine industry with insurance covering: property, business interruption, marine hull and liability, employer’s liability, cargo, kidnap and ransom, group accident sickness and travel insurance, employee benefits, credit and political risks.


Personal Insurance

As private wealth has grown, the insurance needs of private individuals have evolved into a specialist market of its own. The W Denis Private Clients division arranges bespoke personal insurance programmes for individuals or families whose insurance requirements fall outside traditional insurance parameters.


Plastics Insurance

W Denis provides expert insurance broking services and competitively priced quotations for all businesses in the plastics industry. Companies working with polymers face a diverse set of exposures. These range from the benign to the significant, dependent upon the type of material used and the processes to which it is subjected.

A free audit of incumbent insurance wordings is offered to enable a professional critique to be undertaken which can identify gaps in cover or onerous conditions, before the design and delivery of an innovative and competitive alternative quotation.



Renewable Energy/Recycling

W Denis provides expert risk management and insurance services to organisations involved in the design, creation, manufacture, erection and operation of renewable energy facilities.

Bespoke insurance programmes have been arranged by our team of expert brokers, which have been approved by major banks such as Co-Operative and Santander who are financing the projects.

Bespoke derivative contracts can also be facilitated, which pay you a pre-determined sum, regardless of actual loss suffered, in the event of temperature, wind, sunshine or rain surpassing a certain threshold within a certain period of time.


SPorts & Leisure Sector

W Denis has a wealth of experience procuring specialist insurance policies for sports associations or governing bodies including their members, players, coaches, officiators and clubs or teams, both amateur and professional. Cover can be arranged and tailored on a global basis if required.

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Surety Bonds & Guarantee Insurance

As business moves fast, bonding needs are often time-sensitive and critical to meeting a business need. W Denis work diligently to provide clients with potential solutions as quickly as possible.


Transport, Logistics & Shipping Industry

W Denis group provides a range of specialist insurance services to shipping companies, ports, freight forwarders, cargo handling terminals and haulage firms. All of these have had to evolve over the years due to an ever-changing regulatory framework and increased competition.

Today’s global supply chain sees value added services such as labelling, sub-assembly and merge-in-transit increasingly demanded upon by logistics operators. Robust risk management coupled with a comprehensive insurance programme, provides the ultimate safety net against the uncertain consequences of many of the emerging exposures arising out of these enhanced activities.

We can provide Cargo Handling Facility Insurance, Port Authority Insurance, Ship Operator Insurance and Transport and Logistics Operator Insurance Cover.

The range of perils covered by us minimises the need to buy separate policies. A single package can be tailored to distinct needs, reducing gaps and overlaps in cover. Wherever cargo is being transported, the practical and legal difficulties that may arise when dealing with claims can be handled efficiently by W Denis and its global network of partners.