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Multinational Insurance

Globally operating businesses purchase insurance not just to comply with compulsory regulations in different countries, but to also mitigate the uncertainty of financial risks. It is common for multinational businesses to purchase insurance from multiple companies in numerous jurisdictions, even utilising several brokers to ensure that they are protected. This can be a complex process, is time consuming and expensive, particularly if something goes wrong and is not properly insured. Employing a single multinational insurance programme helps to reduce potential gaps in coverage.

Multinational insurance services:

  • Single multinational insurance programme
  • Integrating multiple jurisdictions, currencies, legal/regulatory/insurance languages
  • Global insurance decision making
  • Multinational claims management support

The benefits:

  • W Denis project manage the client relationship with client HQ but have the assistance of local brokers in overseas countries, to support the local insurance relationship and servicing requirements wherever your subsidiary operations are based, worldwide.
  • Expertise providing support as it relates to country specific laws and placements
  • Support and advice in relation to coverage, claims support, claims adjusting, currency and policy limits to keep compliant with country specific regulations
  • Flexible and nimble insurance programme with the ability to tailor to your requirements
  • Global team of underwriters with local expertise
  • Global claims capabilities with local expertise
  • Difference in Conditions/Difference in Limits

For those of our clients which require a local service, outside of the UK, W Denis is a member of the Euribron partnership of international brokers. This provides a global service from over 350 offices around the world. So if a business has a manufacturing plant in Kuala Lumpur or call centre in Mumbai or is carrying out a construction project in Beijing, our locally domiciled expert broker partners can provide the compliant support services that are necessary. Euribron brokers (including W Denis) comprise:

  • Over 350 offices across 80 countries on 6 continents
  • Over 265,000 businesses insured by the Euribron network of brokers
  • USD 9bn of annual premium revenue
  • Exclusive multinational insurance programmes, from major A rated insurers, available for businesses working with Euribron member brokers

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