China suspected of major cyber-attack on MoD payroll system

The UK government suspects China is behind the cyber-attack that targeted the names and bank details of current and former British military personnel. The hack accessed a Ministry of Defence contractor’s IT system that was not linked to the MoD’s central network. A small number of addresses were also on the system. An initial investigation […]

Pressure mounts for disclosure of climate risk assessment information

The pressure to meet the higher bar for climate risk information set by Europe has seen UK-headquartered Shell taking a lead by disclosing its risk scenario for net zero emissions by 2050. Shell disclosed risk under which the world reaches net zero emissions by 2050 in its financial statements last year. Shell priced this risk […]

Belgian beer producer confident of maintaining supplies despite cyber-attack

Belgian beer firm Duvel is confident of maintaining supplies of its product despite a cyber-attack shutting down all of its production facilities. The company says it fell victim to the suspected ransomware attack and initially all five facilities were shut down – one later came back online in Puurs-Sint-Amands in Belgium. Four are in Belgium […]

Companies start to resist paying cybercriminal extortion demands

Extortion driven cyberattacks remain a significant factor in 2023, but there are indications targeted companies are starting to resist paying cybercriminals. The Resilience Mid-Year 2023 Claims Report highlights a shift in the cybercrime industry with companies become more resistant to extortion demands while the cybercriminals are adjusting their tactics to bypass security controls by hitting […]

Law Society urges members to seek cyber insurance protection

The Law Society of England and Wales is urging members to give “serious consideration” to purchasing cyber insurance after research showed that seven in 10 (72%) of law firms do not have this protection in place.  The Law Society research tallies with the UK Government’s Cyber security breaches survey 2023 which revealed that less than […]

National Cyber Security Centre report highlights continuing threats to the UK

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) sixth annual report from their Active Cyber Defence (ACD) programme has revealed a continuing threat to the United Kingdom with a record-breaking 7.1m suspicious emails and websites reported to authorities in 2022 – equivalent to one every five seconds. The ACD programme has been a key aspect of improving […]

Online Safety Bill has significant implications

The draft Online Safety Bill  (OSB), which aims to tackle illegal and harmful online content, is expected to receive Royal Assent in the summer with Ofcom to publish codes of practice which have significant implications for company boards of directors. The OSB will introduce rules for sites and apps such as social media, search engines and […]

US claims China developing ability to “seize control” enemy satellites

A leaked US intelligence report claims China is building sophisticated cyber weapons to “seize control” of enemy satellites and knock out their ability to relay signals and send orders to sophisticated weapons systems in a conflict. The report states the Chinese action is designed to enable them to make satellites they target useless for data […]

Capita Cyber-attack Shows Vulnerability Of Outsourced Public Service

A cyber-attack which interrupted computer systems and knocked out council telephone lines has been confirmed by outsourcing group Capita which said its Office 365 apps had been targeted. Information posted on the dark web included bank account details of suppliers for Capita’s nuclear consulting division. The three day attack highlighted the vulnerability of critical public […]