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Healthcare & Employee Benefits - September newsletter

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – what Employee Benefit strategy do you have in place?


Changes made in response to the pandemic have seen companies make wellbeing gains over the last year, from inclusivity to better work-life balance. Companies who embrace and value employees in an inclusive workplace report improved performance, creativity and innovation.

BUPA’s Workplace Wellbeing Census 2021 revealed that:

  • 46% of employees believe that gender discrimination has become less prevalent
  • 56% report there is less sexual orientation discrimination this year
  • 46% of those affected claim gender discrimination has decreased

However, the census also revealed there is still work to be done with more than a quarter of employees (28%) having experienced discrimination at work and this rises to 35% of women and 40% of disabled employees.

Providing a more inclusive and diverse culture for your employees is an essential first step in improving overall workforce engagement and prioritising which Employee Benefits would make the biggest impact is crucial. Creating a benefits package tailored to your requirements can help attract and retain the right people for your organisation.

W Denis Employee Benefits is a specialist division created over a decade ago to cater solely for employee benefits for the UK domestic market and international risks and can help provide guidance and solutions as businesses adapt to change. Speak to us today on how we can help your business deliver a strong and positive health & wellbeing strategy

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