Providing bespoke insurance policies and risk management services for renewable energy plants


Providing bespoke insurance policies and risk management services for renewable energy plants.

The W Denis energy team provides expert risk management and insurance services to organisations involved the design, creation, manufacture, erection and operation of renewable energy facilities, including:

  • Biomass processing
  • Carbon capture
  • Hyrdoscrews
  • Power stations, including those using bio fuels
  • Solar power
  • Waste to energy plants
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Wave power offshore
  • Wind turbines onshore and offshore.

Insurance for construction phase of renewable energy facilities

Bespoke insurance programmes have been arranged by our energy team, which have been approved by major banks financing the projects such as Co-Operative and Santander. The policies provide insurance for:

  • Construction/erection all risks in respect of process plant, fixtures and buildings pre-handover
  • Construction plant, cranes and machinery.
  • Delay in start up cover to insure the loss of revenue or additional expense incurred following a deferment of the original practical completion date due to an insured peril
  • Defective design, materials and workmanship cover options
  • Employer's liability
  • Environmental impairment liabilities during construction phases
  • Legal indemnities including judicial reviews and restrictive covenants
  • Offshore support vessels, ships, sub-sea equipment
  • Other legal liability insurance including public liability, non-negligence, errors and omissions
  • Testing and commissioning cover.

Insurance for operational phase renewable energy facilities

Whether this is a biomass fuelled power station or an offshore farm of wind turbines, our energy team provides tailored insurance for:

Renewable energy derivative contracts

Bespoke derivative contracts can be facilitated, which pay you a pre-determined sum, regardless of actual loss suffered, in the event of temperature, wind, sunshine or rain surpassing a certain threshold within a certain period of time.