Single multinational insurance program - integrating multiple jurisdictions, currencies, legal/regulatory/insurance languages.


The trend of globalization is continuing to grow as businesses around the world open new overseas subsidiary companies.

Globally operating businesses purchase insurance not just to comply with compulsory regulations in different countries, but to also mitigate the uncertainty of the financial risks they face. It is common for multinational businesses to purchase insurance from multiple insurance companies, in numerous jurisdictions, even utilizing several brokers to ensure that they are protected. This can be a complex process, is time consuming and expensive, particularly if something goes wrong and is not properly insured. Having one single multinational insurance program helps to reduce potential gaps in coverage.

W Denis Insurance Brokers Plc offers solutions to multinational businesses, including:

  • Single multinational insurance program
  • Integrating multiple jurisdictions, currencies, legal/regulatory/insurance languages
  • Lead by one individual underwriter, UK based
  • Global insurance decision making, in the UK
  • Multi-national claims management support from a single global loss adjuster partner

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Covers the major classes of insurance
  • One single point of contact
    • Expertise providing support as it relates to country specific laws and placements
    • Support and advice in relation to coverage, claims support, claims adjusting, currency and policy limits to keep compliant with country specific regulations
  • Customizable insurance program
    • Flexible and nimble and ability to tailor to your requirements
  • Global team of underwriters with local expertise
  • Global claims capabilities with local expertise