Businesses, financial institutions and trade groups can benefit from our range of captive management insurance services.


Businesses, financial institutions and trade groups can benefit from our range of captive insurance management services.

This is provided in partnership with Guernsey’s largest independent captive management business, which specialises in the formation, management and operation of captive insurance companies including protected cell companies. 

Guernsey is considered to be one of the world’s foremost insurance domiciles and Europe's leading centre for innovative alternative risk solutions. Over 40% of the top 100 FTSE companies have chosen Guernsey as their home for their captive insurance companies. Guernsey was the first domicile in the world to introduce the Protected Cell Company (PCC) concept which has become a hugely popular insurance vehicle around the world.

The advantages of a captive insurance model are that:

  • Its existence facilitates an ongoing evaluation process to monitor that the coverages provided continue to meet the organisation's needs and that the terms and prices there of remain attractive
  • Greater flexibility in policy creation, timing of premium payments and claims settlement.
  • Improved risk management efficiency as result of incentive created with the company's retention of risk within its captive.
  • Insurance cost predictability ensuring the preparation of more reliable budgets
  • Offers alternative cover that the conventional market either doesn’t supply or is too expensive.
  • Potential to accrue investment income on outstanding claim reserves.
  • Premiums in excess of claims paid and captive’s expenses are retained within the captive and hence within the organisation.

Any organisation or even a mutual trade group can benefit from using a captive management insurance model, provided the total premium exceeds £250,000 for a captive or £100,000 for a protected cell company.

Captive management insurance services:

  • Feasibility Studies:
    Due diligence
  • Structured solutions for self insurers:
    Protected cell company
    Choice of domicile including both on and off shore jurisdictions in Europe or Bermuda
  • Management services:
    Regulatory approvals
    Regulatory compliance
    Corporate governance
    Corporate secretarial
    Insurance and reinsurance programme structuring
    Premiums and claims processing
    Letters of credit facilitation
    Investment strategy implementation
    Financial statement preparation
    Regulatory filings and other financial reportings
    Fiscal representative for UK insurance premium tax