W Denis provide a full range of business continuity services

The Home Office has undertaken various reviews on the subject of business resilience as has the Business Continuity Institute. They both confirm that an ‘unexpected` disaster can happen and when it does it may cause even a strong business to fail. Through careful planning, the likelihood of surviving a major incident becomes more possible, especially when:

  • An assessment of the likely impact of significant events on the business is undertaken
  • Planning to respond to those events is thought through
  • The plan is tested and revised where necessary, to check how effective it will be
  • The risks are mitigated through investing time, thought and where necessary, money, to manage the exposures

The result of this is to produce a clearly defined and documented plan with two goals:

  • To minimise the risk of a disaster occurring
  • To maximise the recovery potential, should a disaster happen

Whilst traditional insurance still has a part to play, the effects of a disaster, such as damage to your brand or image, may not be insurable. The value of producing a formal Business Continuity Plan is almost immeasurable.

W Denis Insurance Brokers PLC can provide its clients with a tiered approach to Business Continuity Planning.

  • A self assessment guide can be issued to existing W Denis policyholders. This option suits smaller businesses with no existing Business Continuity Plan or companies which need to update an existing Business Continuity Plan.


  • Larger and more complex companies will benefit most from a bespoke Business Continuity Plan, specifically designed for their business involving careful and strategic planning. W Denis Risk Management Team can facilitate a full Business Continuity Planning consultancy service, which will cover the design and production of a tailored Business Continuity Plan.