The W Denis Group is a completely independent insurance broker and can approach any insurance or reinsurance company.

In selecting an insurer or reinsurer we consider the following:

  1. Their financial standing.
  2. Their service and administration standards.
  3. The breadth and quality of the cover available from them.
  4. Their attitude with regard to payment of claims.
  5. Their flexibility with regard to programme design.
  6. Their competitiveness.

W Denis Group has direct lines of communication with senior head office personnel at most of the UK’s largest insurers, including syndicates in Lloyd’s of London. Allan Thew, the founder of W Denis Group and the chairman of the company, is both a name (i.e. investor) and an underwriter at Lloyd’s of London.

Wholesale Broking Services

W Denis works with a limited number of specialist brokers around the world, to act as a wholesale Lloyd’s & London market placing broker. We work with regional brokers in the UK, licensed surplus lines brokers in the USA and specialist brokers elsewhere in the world, including as far afield as New Zealand. We have appetite to provide wholesale broking services for the following classes of insurance:

  • CAR / EAR (Annual Open or Single Projects)
  • Clinical Trials Liability / No-Fault Compensation
  • Commercial Property / Business Interruption
  • Cyber / Media Liability
  • Employment Practice Liability
  • Environmental Impairment Liability
  • Excess & Surplus Lines
  • Facultative Proportional & Non-Proportional Reinsurance
  • Financial Institutions E&O, D&O, Crime
  • High Risks Industries / Difficult Risks
  • Intellectual Property Rights / Patent Infringement
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Public Liability & Product Liability
  • Product Recall & Product Guarantee
  • Professional Indemnity for Engineers, Architects, Technology
  • Sports Personal Accident (Professional & Amateur)
  • Technology Business Combined / E&O / Products / IPR
  • Transactional Insurances (Prospectus Liability, W&I, Tax Liability)
  • Treaty Proportional & Non-Proportional Reinsurance


We will consider enquiries as Direct / Facultative or Quota Share or Non-Proportional Layers.

For one off enquiries we will usually apply a minimum premium, but for flows of similar business we would consider establishing a binding authority where much lower minimum premiums can be set per policy (see here for binding authority information).